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Mk6 ''Road car'

Richard took part in the very first Formula Ford race at Brands Hatch in 1967. Unfortunately, he locked the brakes going into Druids on the warming lap and didn't make it onto the grid. He has earned the dubious accolade of being the first ever Formula Ford driver to officailly crash !

Richard's first Mallock - a road-going Mk6 with a full-width chassis and roll-over bar. It was soon seen to be racing in both Formula Ford (less mudguards) and Sports racing. Richard's first ever win was the allcomers sports car scratch race at Silverstone.

Brands Hatch 1967

Silverstone 1967 Formula Ford

Silverstone 29th May 1967 with mudguards

Silverstone 3rd June 1967

Silverstone 29th May 1967 without mudguards

Silverstone 1967 Sports car