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Mallock project cars

For more information, please contact: Tel: 01604 863504

Mallock Mk14 project consisting: Chassis,BMC rear axle, Watts linkage, diff, shafts, rear hubs, bearings, 3-rail Bullet box, propshaft, trailing arms, rear anti-roll bar, front anti-roll bar, front dampers/springs. steering rack ...................

......Oil tank, fuel tank, clutch & brake pedals, rear wing, 2 x sets wheels, bonnet, noses, side-pods & rear guards, front guards. Price: £P.O.A.


Mallock U2 Mk3 Project : £7,750.00 SOLD

Suitable to race with : the 750MC Historic C class F1200 or Classic Clubmans C class (pre-1971)Suitable to hill-climb in : Historic classes or the 'Mallock' class in the Sunrise ChampionshipThe chassis goes back to circa 1963 and last competed on the hills between 1988-90.Originally it had the period, pre-crossflow Ford engine though subsequently ran with a tuned Ford 1300cc crossflow. The current owner commissioned Mallock Sports to refurbish the chassis including welding in a new, certificated Roll-over bar, rear brace, etc.. New seat-belt top mounts bushes were also welded in to suit a HANS device. The fuel tank, oil tank and battery mounts are all to be welded in to suit the particular final installation. The chassis has not been powder-coated to enable an initial dummy-build.The Mk3 has many of it's original components, such as;- Ford, full-length, 3-rail gearbox and Ford bellhousing- BMC axle casing, shortened N/S to suit, straightened by Mallock Sports- BMC drive shafts and differentials- BMC rear hubs, bearings, studs- Panhard rod, springs & dampers- Trailing arms, prop-shaft- Front swing axle (needs completing) with radius rods and stub axles- 100E pedal bracket, top-mounted pedals including hydraulic clutch mount- Front Herald calipers, Rear drum brakes- Steering wheel and column- Seat and aluminium body panels (as patterns)

For further information regarding the particular history of the Mk3, please contact Mallock Sports. SOLD