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Since Arthur's passing in 1993, Richard has continued to run the family business with help from wife Sue and son Charles. The first ever mid-engine Mallock was created in 1995 with the help of designer Mike McDermott. Within it's first year the Mk32 became the first mid-engine car to ever win a Supersports Vauxhall race which led to 9 further chassis' being built.

Since 1993, the super-stiff chassis' have been designed with the help of a finite element computer program. In 2003 Richard continued the front engine tradition and built the new 'lightweight' Mk35 specifically designed to suit the K-Series engine as run in Clubmans Cup

'U2 can have a car like mine' was Arthur’s philosophy from the beginning.Since 1960, over 350 Mallock sports racing cars have been produced, easily recognisable by the unique combination of a strong chassis design, well-calculated suspension geometry and all the benefits of the solid rear axle being optimised.The cars became affordable due to Arthur’s utilisation of propriety parts from Triumph, Ford and BMC; chassis ‘kits’ were sold for self-assembly and the strength of the design proved to be ultra-reliable. Also, the ease of maintenance and constant supply of bolt-on developments all contributed to the continued success of the marque.

First front engine enveloping bodywork EBX

Mk35 Clubmans Cup

Mk35b 'synergy' Clubmans Cup

Mk36 Proto / OSS car

Mk31 Scandinavian Clubmans

Mk32 Supersport

Mk33 Supersport

RML P20 Supersport

Mk24 Clubmans

Mk26 Clubmans

Mk28 Clubmans

Mk6 F2

Mk11 F3

Mk14 Clubmans

Mk2 F. Junior

Mk18 Hill-climb

Mk18 FF 2000