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'Winterise' your Mallock

Some suggestions on how to 'winterise' a Mallock;

Assuming the car is stored inside a non-heated garage;- Run engine up to operating temperature, drain old oil, change filter, check filter gauze in oil tank and sump, fill with fresh oil and run through engine.- Switch off fuel pump to empty carbs, wait for engine to stop (if Classic)- If running a fuel pressure regulator, switch it to zero- Change or clean out fuel filters as appropriate in pumps, carb's or inline- Remove plugs, add 1/3 eggcup of engine oil into each bore and crank over to lubricate, re-fit plugs- Charge and remove battery and store in a warmer environment, trckle-charge periodically. We can now supply a 'smart battery alert' which gives out an audible warning when voltage drops below 12.2v. (Can't believe how many wrecked batteries we come across!)- Check anti-freeze level, we would store and run at 50/50- Blank off exhaust outlet and carb inlets- Raise car onto trestles/blocks to keep weight off the tyres and springs- Store tyres in a warmer environment- Remove brake pads and store in a sealed bag- WD all suspension components, rims, etc (avoid discs)- Turn engine over 1 1/4 turns by hand once a month with car in top gear- Periodically activate clutch and rotate prop-shaft- If possible, run a dehumidifier in garage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To fire car up in the spring, remove plugs, crank engine over until oil pressure is up, add fresh fuel, re-set regulator, inspect & re-fit/renew plugs.- Inspect air filter by holding up to light- Check cam belt, oil & water pump belts, alternator belt. If new cam belt is needed, take care not to lose timing (speak to Charlie)- Fire up, preferably using jump battery- Check seat-belt expiry date and fire extinguisher service due date